Plastic Glue

There are numerous different types of glue, and all have their uses.  This article aims to

Plastic Glue

Plastic glue slightly dissolves the opposite parts being joined, and welds the pieces together as it dries.  There are generally two types of plastic glue, thick and thin.  Thick plastic glue is useful for larger joints where you need a slightly longer working time, whereas thin plastic glue is better for a tiny dot to secure a small object – both can be used for either application.

Use (officially):

  1. Surfaces to be joined do not need to be pinned(*) or smoothed
  2. Apply a small drop of glue to one side
  3. Touch it to the other piece and remove
  4. Let the pieces sit for 10 seconds
  5. Touch pieces back together and hold for 20 seconds until set
  6. Wipe any squeeze-out off immediately

While the above is “The Proper Way”(*) to do things, it is absolutely not the only way.  Steps 3 and 4 are completely optional in practical application, use what works for you.


  • Strongest joint
  • Good working time
  • Goes through paint(*!)
  • Doesn’t need smooth surfaces
  • Doesn’t need pinning


  • Will mark any pieces of plastic it comes in contact with(*)
  • An unbreakable joint means that separation will require sawing/cutting
  • Can “string”(*) where melting plastic and glue creates strings that will blow onto different parts of the model causing damage
  • Squeeze out(*) can create an obvious change in the surface
  • Squeeze out over paint will dissolve the paint and be highly noticeable(*)
  • Does not work with resin or metal
  • Avoid using this(!2) on clear plastic canopies(*!)


  • Going through paint means you do not need to worry about sub-assemblies (generally), there is nothing wrong with cleaning the areas to be glued though.
  • Clamps should be used carefully, as the glue can warp the pieces and make further assembly more difficult(*!)
  • Plastic glue can be used in conjunction with super glue(*) to reduce working time and clamping
  • There are different applicators available as well, brushes, bottle tips, and needles – all come down to personal preference


There are numerous different brands of plastic glue *

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